Friday Flashback

Friday Flashback… On Sunday… I’m a Mom of 2 Going Back to School

The days just got away from me this past week… Ray was out of town last weekend and was supposed to come home Tuesday evening… but his flight was delayed and his plane didn’t land until 1am… much later than expected!! That made for both a very long day and a very short night. Needless to say Wednesday was shot… we were all just too tired to do anything! Noah also celebrated his birthday at preschool this week, and I was happy to be there to enjoy his “big day” with him. He’s so happy to be back and we’re so happy that he really and truly loves going there.

Friday Flashback – What I want to be when I Grow Up

As a child I dreamt of being a ballerina when I grew up… later on I wanted to become a pediatrician. When it came time to go to college I studied German, with the intent on getting some sort of business degree… then I moved to Germany after my first semester.

Friday Flashback – Fire Stopper

When my husband and I bought our home a few years ago we had a list of things we wanted it to include, but not a list of things it shouldn’t include. If and when we ever upgrade to a larger home, you better believe there will be a list of want nots… and topping that list will be a fireplace.

Friday Flashback – Faking It

Today’s flashback goes back to March 2010… it was my second post for OurMommyhood and it had nothing to do with parenting. In fact, it was about something that I still struggle with to some extent today. So here it is…