Easy Artisan Bread {Recipe}

I love bread… and when I say I love bread, I mean LOVE bread. Not the white, soft, tasteless toast bread that seems to be abundant in the grocery stores, but the crunchy crusty outside, doughy and full of flavor inside bread… bread that reminds me of the kind that you would find in Germany and Europe. Real bread… oh how I love it. The thing is, I’ve found that most stores seem to stock up on the soft crust, flavorless kind of bread… and depending on the brand, they charge a pretty penny for it too.

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Homemade Pizza

I like easy cooking. I’m not a natural cook and am learning to do more, but right now I still like it easy. I think I have a problem with the unstructuredness (did I just make that word up?) of cooking. I never seem to get the same meal to taste the same way twice.

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