Crocheted Flat Easter Egg Tutorial

Back in 2011, I was on the hunt for a flat Easter egg crochet pattern that was worked in the round. I had made a heart garland a few weeks earlier for Valentines Day and I wanted to make a similar egg garland for Easter. I searched the internet and found that there were plenty of patterns for 3 dimensional eggs and flat eggs worked in rows

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Easy Artisan Bread {Recipe}

I love bread… and when I say I love bread, I mean LOVE bread. Not the white, soft, tasteless toast bread that seems to be abundant in the grocery stores, but the crunchy crusty outside, doughy and full of flavor inside bread… bread that reminds me of the kind that you would find in Germany and Europe. Real bread… oh how I love it. The thing is, I’ve found that most stores seem to stock up on the soft crust, flavorless kind of bread… and depending on the brand, they charge a pretty penny for it too.

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Homemade Playdough {Tutorial}

It’s back to school time, so you know what that means… sickies galore!!! =)

The kids have been fighting something ever since they got their flu shots 3 1/2 weeks ago. I was hoping in Abby’s case that her runny nose was caused by teething (getting 2 of the last bottom 4!!), but it doesn’t look like that was entirely it. Both kids were feeling pretty crumby this past Sunday (lets face it, Ray and I weren’t feeling too great either – we’re fighting whatever “it” is too), so the day was spent doing “calm” things… even though it would have been great to get out and run and play… it was a beautiful fall day!

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Easter Egg Garland {Tutorial}

Now that all of the winter holidays are over and it is officially Springtime ( YAY!! Though you would never know it by looking or going outside today), I thought it would be a good idea to get some cheerful decorations in the house. I’ve seen Valentine and St Patrick’s Day garlands out in blogland and was inspired by them to make the pattern for my Easter Egg Garland!!

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