Table Man

This is what happens to the table and anything on it when you have 3 guys get together at my mom’s house. Mind you none of the men involved were drunk (my dear brother took the photo’s on N’s camera and wanted to see if she would notice them).

The Masterminds
My soon to be Stepbrother J
and my brother P (hubby helped along with them – he just wasn’t photographed)

The Creation
It started out simple enough – just men playing with food…
still playing…

but then something happened…
the face got thirsty (note it was sparkling peach juice!!) and wanted a body
So…..the face got a bodyThen it decided it needed a smoke
the aftermath of the drinking and smoking 🙂

Because it’s not everyday that the ‘rents have the kids, sigs and grands together, a group photo had to be taken. There are 8 kids total between my mum and the J-man and only 1 of his kids was not there. So all in all there were 3 people missing – T and C, and my sister N’s husband.

It took us 3 tries, but we finally got a picture where everyone (even the babies) is looking at the camera. It only took 2 tries to get one with Mum and the J-man (ok, so Muncher isn’t really looking, but he’s excused!)