I feel like such a newbie

I haven’t been blogging all too long. I started blogging mainly to

1. try it out
2. let the family see what was going on with Muncher

The concept was simple enough – I write what I wanted and insert pictures blah blah blah. Never did I think that I would end up finding so many cool blogs (in part thanks to SITS) that I would want to keep up with them. In playing around with blogger, I found out how to follow. Once again simple enough, but it all just seemed to get so cramped on dashboard.

Then yesterday I was playing around once more and there it was Google Reader. Sure I had heard of it before. But I wasn’t sure what it was. I stumbled across it because I was going to my gmail account to clean it up (have everything automatically come to Outlook). 300 emails and a bitch session later (didn’t realize that my “junk” mail wasn’t being forwarded so I was missing out on emails apparently for weeks not all of which were junk), I was up to date on Gmail. That’s when I decided to look around and stumbled upon Google Reader. All I can say is I love it!!! If only you could comment from there too 🙂 So I may be leaving comments on blogs now that I haven’t regularly commented on in the past although I had been sporadically following them. If anyone has any further tips on how to make the blogging experience more exciting or easier I would appreciate any and all comments!!