We interrupt….

life in order to blog!!

I just looked and realized that in the past 2 weeks (well, almost) I’ve only posted three times. Granted in that time I did host a give away and post the winner over on my review site, but I feel like I’ve been neglecting my baby.

Why have I been neglecting her (because she is all girl!!), because my IRL baby was getting all of my attention.

He’s just been a big bundle of spunk and personality lately and I’m loving it… most of the time, just not at 3am… when I’m trying to sleep.

He now has 2 teeth that you can see and he likes to use them to eat his cheerios and rice puffs.
Yes he eats cheerios, well sucks the life out of them really, and yes I am always with him when he does. It’s his little fun food after his meals.

He’s just become so much more attentive and alert… looking at everything and cocking his little head to try and look around corners or people. He really loves the beagle and she is a constant source of giggly entertainment. He also loves drinking water from a straw and if need be a real cup, but he’s got a little drippy lip when we do that.

He also makes sure that I am not allowed to divert my attention away from him for anything longer than 2 seconds. That caused a few issues while I was trying to get a few things done this week, but I survived. I just try to get whatever it is I need to get done during his naps, though those are so random I can’t really count on them for any specific amount of time. Some days he may take 2 naps for 1 1/2 hours each other days I’m lucky if I get 2 naps for 20 minutes each. Today seems to be a 20 minute day, though he’s on nap 2 already… we’ll try for another one this evening before daddy gets home.

I did manage to find time to re-pot some plants this week as well as reorganize my pantry/laundry room. I feel like I was at least able to accomplish something, besides laundry and picking up after the dog and kid.

Lets see what else… oh yes they diet… UGH!! Why do I try and diet so close to a holiday… and not just any holiday, but a chocolate holiday. There are 3 chocolate holidays that I’m aware of… Easter, Halloween (though this one is sweets in general) and Christmas. I didn’t do so great last week. I had a weakness for these
Did you know that they now also come with caramel inside? Oh yeah, the diet gods are against me. Somehow though I was able to lose a pound in the past 3 days… could it be because we had run out of eaten all of the chocolatey goodness? Yeah I thought so too.

Some good news… since posting this I’ve only had to kill 3 more!! I didn’t find any wandering the walls yesterday or the day before!! Yay!! (thanks to WSU for the photo)

There I think I’m pretty much all caught up. Now I just need to make sure that I get a Getting to Know me post written for tomorrow. I have decided that it will be a bi-weekly post… it’s better that way, for me at least.