Weekend blahs

This weekend was just like any other weekend… we didn’t know what to do. We kept asking each other over and over again what the other wanted to do and someone (*cough* Ray *cough*) kept looking a laptops online… did I mention that we bought a super cheap laptop last week at Best Buy? I don’t think I did… it was intended to just be used for internet purposes (so I could blog anywhere in the house), but Ray has come to love using it more than his desktop… and I don’t get to play with it much.

Anyway… yesterday was a complete wash out… we did nothing. We had plans to go to Rib Fest in a nearby town, but it was almost exactly the same as the one we went to last week, so we didn’t go. Noah was played with… laundry was attempted and Steak and Shake was bought for dinner (they have THE best shakes and use real whipped cream… yum!). Then, after Noah was put to bed… this time with only 5 minutes of crying afterward… we watched Crash of the Titans. The special effects sucked, but the movie was fun to watch.

Sunday started out much the same… with the exception that the dog didn’t wake up until 6:45 and Noah slept until about 7:45, so I was able to sleep in!! Yay! We did end up getting out of the house… Ray went and got his hair cut, then we went to Best Buy (where he found out that the laptop he was looking at is on sale… but he was good and didn’t buy it), Target (we bought Noah his first tube of toothpaste for his 5/ almost 6 teeth!) and Subway, before heading home. Oh and we may or may not have stopped by Dairy Queen along the way to pick up some Buster Bars. 😉

The evening was pretty boring for the most part until I washed a load of jeans. I made sure to check the front and back pockets of each pair… Ray has a habit of leaving his fish oil capsules in them. Not a good thing at all! I neglected to check the tiny front pockets though (I mean does anyone ever really use them?) only to find out after drying the pants, that another fish oil capsule had been in one pair and now the 5 pairs of jeans that I just washed smelled terrible. Last time it happened it took me almost 4 days to finally get most of the smell out of one pair of jeans… when we realized it this time I was almost in tears! This time I went straight for the hard stuff though… the enzyme solution that we pour on the carpet when the dog has an accident. I let that sit for about 15 minutes before starting the washer – with double the detergent and a full scoop of OxyClean. Then we had to wait… did I mention that it was 11:30 at this point? Oh yeah! So I got up out of bed at 12:30 to check on the pants and it worked!!! There was virtually no smell what so ever to them! Two out of the four pair then went for a 30 min spin in the dryer and even then, no stench! Thank goodness! Sooo… the lesson is, if you ever had a fish oil capsule explode on your clothes (or you’re like me and you wash one in a load of clothes), the trick is to have enzyme cleaner and OxyClean (and no I wasn’t paid to mention them!) in the house!!

And because I haven’t posted one yet… here is a picture of Noah on his 11 month birthday!

Noah 011 post 7.13.09