Tell it Tuesday

tell it tuesdays

It’s the late edition! I’m posting while my husband is watching the All Star game – go AL!!Too bad the White Sox only have one player playing in it.

So you know how I posted that the enzyme solution did the trick? Yeah… I was wrong. One pair of jeans lost the fish stench in that washing, one pair in the following and since then I have washed the remaining 3 pair twice with 2 additional rinse and spins (once with a cup of vinegar and once with a cup of lemon juice). I have no clue what I should do next… they still stink… just now more like lemon scented fish! Maybe if tomorrow’s a nice day I’ll have them spend a day in the sun.

Noah has his 6th tooth – we noticed that it popped through yesterday while he was swinging at the park. We took a two hour walk… I thought I was going to die. I had a side cramp from the get go and by the end my right hip was killing me (I have hip dysplasia).

I may or may not have woken Noah up the other day when I tried to kill a spider with a book. To my defense it was big and black and was running through the loft on my way to bed. I did better last night though when I killed yet another spider in the loft (this time on the wall) – Noah didn’t even hear a crunch. I may have left that dead spider laying out though as a warning to all others… yes I am that pathetic.

My brother will be in town soon! He moved to Florida shortly after Noah was born, and has only been back a few times since then so it’ll be nice to see him. He’ll be shocked when he sees how big Noah has gotten – the last time they were together was right before Christmas.

My heart is breaking for someone very close to me. I found out today that the news she had been dreading since last week became a reality.

Lastly – I’m getting really sick of reading about BlogHer ’09 all over Twitter. Yes, I may be a tiny bit jealous that it is practically right next door and I can’t go… but come on, is it really that special? I can’t wait until next weekend is over and BlogHer is over and everyone is back at home… but wait then everyone will be Twittering about how great it was… argh.