Tell it Tuesday – It’s March!

Tell it Tuesday

  • For some reason this past week has felt like it was busy, but boring at the same time. I had my 34/35 week ob appt last Tuesday. Like I wrote before, everything is still moving along smoothly and we’ll start doing the internal exams next week at my 36 week appointment.
  • Speaking of the baby… I can’t think about how much work it will be having her and Noah at the same time. Every time I start to think about it, I get freaked out and nervous about the whole thing. So I’ve just resolved not to think (that really isn’t too hard for me lately!) and I guess I’ll deal with the stress once it’s here.
  • I have had pregnancy brain for the past 35 weeks. Normally it’s not too much of a problem… sure it makes me feel stupid at times, but it usually passes with in a few minutes. Lately though… wow! I think you would call it pregnancy brain funk! I can not concentrate at all. My brain just wanders and most of the time it’s like I’m in some sort of daze. We were at Sam’s Club on Saturday and I was pushing Noah in the cart. I stopped to look at some food that Ray had pointed out and wasn’t paying attention to Noah until I heard a crash… apparently I had parked our cart next to another that was overflowing with stuff, including a tray of blueberries. Noah is a blueberry fanatic and he reached over to try and grab the tray and knocked it down, scattering blueberries all over the floor. The owner of the cart was no where to be found either. Talk about embarrassing!
  • I’m really enjoying the sunny weather we’ve been having lately! I’m looking forward to spring, when I can bundle the kids up, put baby girl in the sling and push Noah on his tricycle and go to the park. I’m so sick of being in the house!!
  • Storytime has started again… I have mixed feelings about this session. I signed Noah up for the birth to 3 year age group thinking it would be a good group to be in even after the baby is born… the thing is that I can’t stand the teacher. She doesn’t seem to understand that young children (most in the class are under 2) do not have a very long attention span. She does activities that requires them to sit in place for 20 of the 25 minutes there. She doesn’t want the kids to move around… it’s completely different from the last class (with a different teacher) that we were in. I think we’ll go to the last 3 classes in this session and then take a break for a few months… it works out great anyway…. I’ll hopefully have the baby when this session ends. Which means I would have had to take a break for a few weeks anyway… by the time we’d be ready to go again it should be warm enough to go to the park… which we will be doing daily. It’s just a little disappointing, because we both really enjoyed storytime with the other teacher. Oh well.

Alright… I need to continue with my morning. I’ve got some more studying to do today. I would like to take my first Sociology exam today or tomorrow, depending on how Ray feels… he’s getting sick again… I’m behind in that class. Somehow this semester is moving much faster than expected and I’ve got to catch up! I know that part of my problem is that I get so nervous before exams, but I just have to go in and take it.

I hope you all had a good weekend and have a great day! If you have a minute, why not go and check out the Rainbow Brite giveaway.

12 thoughts on “Tell it Tuesday – It’s March!”

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying the last leg of your pregnancy.

    I love our story time. It only lasts 15 minutes and she doesnt expect everyone to sit still or be quiet. She is so awesome.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Your Questions answered =-.

    1. I am thank you!

      That’s how the last storytime class was that we were in and I loved it! I wish this class were more like that one.

    1. This teacher has been there for a while now, so I doubt that she’s going anywhere. I loved the teacher he had the past 2 sessions, but she doesn’t do the classes for the age group Noah is in now =(

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    1. That stinks about your storytime being canceled!

      I know, time flies doesn’t it? I was planning a post with belly pic for this weekend! So you don’t have to do anything for it 😉

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