Right now


Right now:

* I’m fighting something… again… which means that echinacea tea and essential oils are my best friends until it’s gone.

* my toddler has a nose that refuses to stop running thanks to teething and the same head cold that I’m fighting.

* moving somewhere warmer would be a dream come true.

* but I’m also enjoying the snowy beauty that last weekend’s blizzard gifted us.

* Abby’s crocheted blanket is nearly finished and a pair of fingerless mitts have found their way only my knitting needles.

* tote bags are being sewn during nap time.

* I’ve been working on a redesign for the blog and it’s thisclose to being done!

* I’m reading this on the Kindle.

* this will be happening in our home starting Monday.

* my husband and I are currently hooked watching Weeds on Netflix.

* I can’t get enough fruit & veggie smoothies and have at least one a day.

I hope you all are having a great weekend so far!

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