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Conquering the Doubt

A few months ago I started crocheting a toy for Abby. She picked out an animal and a color of yarn that she liked… and then I was put to work. Since I had wanted to try my hand at designing a toy of my own, I embraced the project, but knew that it probably

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Getting back into the groove

Sometime back in October I put my Etsy shop in vacation mode so that I could spend time with Michael without having to worry about sewing totes and getting orders finished. At the time, my plan was to develop and work on some new items while the kids were at school or sleeping, and then

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!!! Can you believe that this is already the last month of April? Craziness!!! This past week was another productive one in many ways. More work was done to the master bath and I’m very happy with the changes that are taking place in there. I’ll post more about that and share some pictures tomorrow. =)

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