Wordless Wednesday

My brother {Wordless Wednesday}

The firefighter on the far left of the screenshot there is my brother… he’s a volunteer firefighter in NC who luckily was unhurt in a training burn gone wrong. Though we may not agree about everything and though those differences have caused problems, we’re still family and I love and miss him.

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Raspberries {Wordless Wednesday}

You won’t find photo’s of the edible kind… not here at least.
Abby has learned how to blow raspberries and was loves showing off her new talent.

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Don’t Bug Me! {Wordless Wednesday}

We braved the heat and humidity last week to go out to the park. After sweating it out for 30 minutes at 10 in the morning (there was a heat index of 110 that day!), I decided to call it quits and go home… not because of the heat though. It was because my son was playing like this:

Wordless/ful Wednesday

While her brother was busy coloring on the driveway, Abby humored me with a little mini photo shoot. It was just days before her 5 month birthday, the weather was beautiful… not too hot and not at all humid… there was a gentle breeze in the air and a smile on my daughters face… but that is nothing new to her! She’s my happy little baby
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Family {Wordless Wednesday}

The other day I packed up the kids and took them on a little trip to see the family.

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Locks of Love {Wordless Wednesday}

I was sick of always pulling my hair back in my “Mommy doo”, so yesterday I went and had over 12 inches cut off!!! I hope that my donation will make some little kids very happy!

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