Family {Wordless Wednesday}

The other day I packed up the kids and took them on a little trip to see the family.

They got to spend some time with their Grandpa…

and their Aunt K.

They got to meet their new little cousin C…

and spend some time with Aunt N.

I think one of the highlights for Noah was spending almost a whole day with his cousin E… they’re less than 6 months apart and just have a blast together!

After uploading the pictures I realized that I didn’t get any good shots of my mom (their Omi) with them. And believe me the shots that I did get… well she would kill me if I put them out for the whole world to see 😉

2 thoughts on “Family {Wordless Wednesday}”

  1. Some of my favorite pictures are the grandpa pictures…I don’t know why…maybe because I know how much they’ll love them later in life? I don’t have any pictures of me with my Grandpa that passed, but I sure wish I did!

    But my absolute favorite pictue is that bathtub picture!!

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