Friday Flashback

Friday Flashback – Will I Ever Get My Bed Back

A few years ago when Ray and I were in the market for new bed, we couldn’t quite agree on which size to get… at just over 6 feet tall, Ray is not exactly a small man and wanted a king size bed so that he would have enough room to move and be comfortable. I on the other hand, liked the comfy, coziness of the queen size bed we had, and didn’t want to lose that. In the end, we did get the king size bed… and boy am I happy that we did, because every day, in the early morning hours, two pairs of little feet come scurrying through the hall and crawl into our bed next to us…

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Friday Flashback – Out of the Mouths of Babes

Oh my goodness, this next post had me laughing in remembrance after I just read it again. I knew that Noah was a late talker, but I had forgotten just how late of a talker her was… which makes me now feel better about Abby… our second shy talker… but I digress… I had forgotten about how little he spoke and what his first words were… or weren’t. I’m happy to say that in the 2 years following this post, Noah’s vocabulary has sky rocketed and he (and Abby too) both talk non-stop… no really, non-stop. His preschool teachers even mentioned that he has blossomed into quite the little talker over the past year!

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Friday Flashback – Dear Abby

It’s Friday again… why does it seem like the weeks just fly by? The kids and I have a few things planned for this morning before daddy comes home… but it’s all top secret!! 😉 It’s going to get hot today and I have a feeling that the slip and slide and water toys will be coming out today once all of our errands are taken care of.

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Friday Flashback – How Do You Describe a Miracle?

It wasn’t my intention to take the week off from blogging, but the weather was beautiful and the kids and I ended up spending hours upon hours outside this week. I planted flowers while they played, we pulled the little swimming pool out of its sleeping spot in the basement and we had picnics on the deck… it felt soooo good. I’m so happy that Spring has finally arrived! One of the things that I love about spring and fall is that I can open the windows and doors and let the fresh air flow through the house… it’s a bit cleansing for me… like the breeze is taking away all of the bad stuff and replacing it with freshness… but I digress.

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Friday Flashback

I’ve been taking part in the SITS Spring Fling these past few days, in an effort to get myself back into the writing and social media groove. While I have accounts with most major social media outlets, I have to admit that I’m not always very active on all (or any of them). I’ve drastically cut back on my time spent on the laptop during nap time, in an effort to focus more on Noby Designs, but the past week or so has been spent getting all things blog related updated.

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