Friday Flashback – Dear Abby

It’s Friday again… why does it seem like the weeks just fly by? The kids and I have a few things planned for this morning before daddy comes home… but it’s all top secret!! 😉 It’s going to get hot today and I have a feeling that the slip and slide and water toys will be coming out today once all of our errands are taken care of. I’ve been enjoying the fresh air and breeze that’s been flowing through our home these past few days and am dreading having everything locked up while having the AC on, but they are forecasting 6 days of 90+ degrees… that’s too hot for me!!

This weeks Friday Flashback brings us back to April 2010… Abby was just a few weeks old and we were adjusting nicely to our new status as a family of 4. 

Friday Flashback at Mama Michie's Musings

Dear Abby,

I can’t help but giggle a little as I write that, partly because you are here with us already and also partly because those two words were written by so many people seeking advice from a woman they didn’t know… but that was before your time and maybe one day I will tell you more about it.

Oh Abby, you came to us in a hurry a few weeks ago… but then again everything about you has been that way. We weren’t planning on getting pregnant with you when we did, but you wanted to be a part of our family and BAM! you let us know that we had to get ready for you. Your birth was much the same way… you weren’t supposed to enter this world until four weeks later, but you had other plans (did you want to be there for your daddy’s birthday?). Once you decided you wanted to come out, you made sure that it happened… and happened quickly, almost too quickly!

You stole all of our hearts the minute you were born. Your brother… I was so afraid of how he would react to you, but I shouldn’t have been… your brother is your biggest fan. He showers you with kisses all day long. I hope you know just how much he adores you!

You have both your daddy and me wrapped around your skinny little fingers. I find myself holding you and just staring at your little face and breathing your milky breath (I had forgotten how much I missed milky baby’s breath!). You are such a noisy little thing… always grunting or squeaking… and it makes me laugh listening to you because you sometimes sound like a squeaky toy for a dog. You also like to make the most unladylike noises, which makes your daddy cringe and then laugh and say… “She’s just like her mommy!!

You’ve changed so much these past few weeks. You’re gaining weight and no longer look as wrinkly as you did when you were born (your daddy went as far as to say that you looked like a wrinkly old woman… and I hate to admit it but you did! That’s one of the drawbacks of being born so small and skinny). You open your eyes more now and when you do it seems like you are really looking at us. I then wonder if those navy blue eyes will turn brown like mine, hazel like your daddy’s or piercing blue like your brother’s eyes (I’m hoping they stay blue!!).

Abby, my little squeaker… I am so happy that you are here with us!!! Just do me one favor… slow down and stop wanting to do everything so quickly!!

I love you,

Your Mama

Noah snuggling Abby

Both kids have grown and changed so much in the two years following this letter, but one thing hasn’t… Noah still loves his sister with all of his heart and if she would let him, he would still be showering Abby with kisses most of the day… though don’t get me wrong, they have their fair share of fights too!!

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