When Church Bells Ring

The town that I lived in in Germany was a very small one… it has a population of about 530 and I like to joke that there are more cows and livestock than people living there. I loved that almost everyone knew each other and that neighbors watched out for each other… you didn’t see much of that in the huge Chigago suburbs.

F-ing Cancer

Cancer frigging sucks… we have had more than our fair share here in my family. My Opa (my mom’s dad) had lung and stomach cancer, his sister – my great aunt – passed away after battling colon cancer for years… an aunt of mine had breast cancer… and now I find out that the prostate cancer that my uncle has is spreading fast (faster than his doctor his seen before) and it’s not responding to treatment.


I sometimes miss living in Germany… yesterday was one of those days. The Germans kick off the Karneval (or Mardi Gras) season on November 11th at 11:11am… well at least where I lived they did. The festivities really started after Christmas though. That’s when the towns in the region around Cologne would start having Kappensitzungen …

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