Noah’s Gift to His Mama…

It was a day that began like most – with a poopie diaper and a hungry belly… at 1:30am. But one look at his little face grinning up at me, and I forgot all about the sleep I was missing.
That same scenario repeated itself at 3:30am and again at 5:30am – the last time instead of putting him back into his crib, I took him into bed with me. I knew that Ray would be getting up shortly after 6, he had to drive to the office again today. Being in bed with me would allow Mr Noah to get some quality sleep time with his mama (I was hoping for 3 hours).
Unfortunately, he decided to change his agenda without forwarding a request for said change to me. Soooo, instead of sleeping until 9am, as he had been doing these past few days, he decided that 7:45am was a great time to wake up and demand more food. I guess it’s for a good cause… to fuel his 6/7 week growth spurt. Unfortunately for me, this meant that once again he would eating hourly and the girls would be sore yet again. Fortunately for me, it also meant that I could catch up on Lost Season 4… in HD!!! Right here on my computer!! With limited commercial interruptions!! haha I never thought that this ole thing would be fast enough to do so. I just love ABC streaming!!!
Okay, so shoot me… I was lazy today. But, I was given the free pass to do so… it is my birthday after all.
After we had watched half a season of Lost (I guess I wasn’t as far behind as I thought I was… now Grey’s Anatomy… that is a completely different story!!), the two of us took a nice hour long stroll through the neighborhood. I was hoping it would put the little booger to sleep so that I could go home and get a few chores done. It took a while (45 minutes), but I was able to walk home with a sleeping baby an hour later. I should have taken a picture of him – it was a sunny day, so I pulled out his little sunglasses. He let me put them on him and didn’t even try to take them off!! He looked so adorable. Note to self always bring the camera!!
Fast forward a few hours… His feeding frenzy continued at dinner. Ray and I went to Outback Steakhouse and even though our little man had eaten before we left the house, he felt the need to eat again just as our steaks were being served (one hour after his dinner… Oh and if you’re thinking of heading over there, try their Teriyaki Sirloin… mmmm!) I think Noah just felt left out and wanted to fit in by eating with us – thank goodness I brought a bottle!!
But seriously – I’m so happy he’s growing and that I’m able to keep up with his needs. I’m sometimes surprised that he’s gaining anything at all, because it seems that if he’s not spitting it out, then he’s pooping it all out. Something must be sticking to his ribs in between those occurrences though, because or little shrimp is getting to be a chunky monkey!!
Here are some of his latest pictures from the past few days…..

6 weeks old!! 🙂 and the tongue is out again!!
He’s giving me the evil eye
Trying to talk
Still trying
He gave up
Sleeping Noah