A rebirth of sorts

Over the past year, I’ve sat here in front of my laptop so many times, just as I do now, with the intention to write… something, anything… but the words failed me over and over again. Rather than do nothing, I’d tinker with the site – making a few changes here and there… adding and removing

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Hello August

And just like that, it’s August again! It feels like July just flew by. We started out the month with a quick family trip to Branson, MO – which was fun… but not for us. We stopped by the Tiger Sanctuary and Meramec Caverns on the way home and the kids loved both of those. Honestly,

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New Feature

Building and maintaining a website takes quite a bit of work… work that’s not always noticeable just by visiting the site. I’ve been working behind the scenes quite a bit over the past few months… changing the theme and layout, adding the shop and then slowly filling it with products. Most recently I did this…

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Avoiding the creative void

It was just after 7am yesterday morning, and wonders upon wonders, all three children were still sleeping… most of them were even in their own beds! My husband had already left for work and I was using the quiet time to drink my green smoothie and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

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Right now

  Right now: * I’m fighting something… again… which means that echinacea tea and essential oils are my best friends until it’s gone. * my toddler has a nose that refuses to stop running thanks to teething and the same head cold that I’m fighting. * moving somewhere warmer would be a dream come true.

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things lately

Fall left us pretty quickly here in the Midwest, and though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, it looks like winter has arrived. The hectic holiday season is right around the corner… and thanks to a much needed break from Etsy and sewing totes, I’m happy to say that I’m ready for it.

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Conquering the Doubt

A few months ago I started crocheting a toy for Abby. She picked out an animal and a color of yarn that she liked… and then I was put to work. Since I had wanted to try my hand at designing a toy of my own, I embraced the project, but knew that it probably

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