Procrastination 101

I should have cleaned. The key word there is should. It was my intention to clean when I got up this morning. It just hasn’t happened yet. The closest I have gotten to cleaning today was to throw a load of towels into the washer. I did cook dinner though. I’m happy about that. It was an easy dinner… a modified version of Campbell’s cheesy chicken and rice casserole. YUM!! At least I finished something from my list of things to do today. I spent most of the day at the computer looking up ways that I could start working from home- with the hope that maybe one day I would no longer have to work in a 5 x 5 cubicle. That’s not why I sat down at the computer though – I only wanted to surf the net a little while I was nursing the muncher. He turned 2 months old today! One thing led to another and before I knew it the day had passed and I had barely gotten anything done. I guess it was unconscious procrastination. The kind where you’re not blatantly procrastinating. I can do that too and am pretty good at it, but not today. More on that at another time though – its time for bed now.