More pictures….

will be coming shortly. I was in the middle of uploading pictures to the Slide viewer and I must have closed the tab without saving, because the new pictures are not there. So we’ll have to try that again later.

In other news though, Noah had his 2 month check up last Thursday. He weighed in at 12lb 5oz. I told you he likes to eat. He went from being in the 6th percentile for his weight to the 65th!! He also got 2 vaccinations (we’re not following the AAP recommendation) so he was a bit fussy this weekend. It did not mean that he slept more though. I’m still waiting for the night he sleeps more that 3 hours at a time.

I still catch myself just staring at him. I love watching him through the baby monitor – he just lays in bed moving his arms and legs and is smiling away- he’s such a happy baby and I couldn’t ask for a better kid.