Doing a good deed

I’m really going to try to stick to my New Years resolutions this year. And I know that there are so many people out there who say that every year, but I’m not one of them, because I hardly ever make resolutions knowing that the chances are high that I break them.

This year though I thought that I would try. *I’m going to try to get organized and less cluttered (this one I’m doing not just for me, but also for the hubbies sanity). *I would like to lose the last of the baby weight and maybe another 5 to 10 lbs. *Lastly, I would like to finish any and all unfinished crafts I have scattered throughout our home.

I figure if I keep it short I may be able to accomplish more and actually stick to my resolutions. They say it takes 21 days to make or break any habit. I’m hoping that that is true.

My first conquest was that I tackled my closet and dresser. By the time I was finished with it all, I had a huge pile of clothes to give to charity. There are now 4 big bags of clothes waiting for me to take them to a new home. It feels great to open my dresser or go into the closet and see everything organized. Plus it’s nice to have so much more space. Now I just need to buy something to keep hubbies sweaters in, because right now they are just laying on the wire shelf and I don’t like how that looks. I may be a clutterbug, but I’m a little OCD about things that I do finally get around to doing (I know it makes little sense and the one is the opposite of the other, but I’m a little complicated like that). I want it to be done right, so that I don’t run the risk of have it it get back to the way it was.

So here’s to a better more organized, cleaner and leaner 2009!!