Sunday… bloody Sunday…

I could have used other words… but the words U2 used, seemed to be perfect for me (I love, love, love me some U2). Every Saturday and Sunday start out the same way here in our home… wake up, go to the computer, check emails, google reader (if I get the chance), etc… Then, after my husband has eaten and done everything he needs to get done, it starts… “honey, what should we do today?”, “huneeeee, I’m booor-red…”, “there’s nothing fun to do…”, “what should we do?”, “what do you want to do?”, “it’s too cold outside…” and so on and so forth.
Sure there are little home improvement projects that can be taken care of… I mean I still don’t have curtains up in our bedroom, although I’ve had the curtains for over a year now… or has it been two? But that keeps getting put off to another day… and another… and then yet another.
The weather right now is not very “outside activity” friendly… at least not with a 6 month old, so things like going into the city are out of the question. And unlike other women, I can only go to the mall and not buy anything so many times before the mall starts to get to me.
So here we sit on yet another frigid day trying to entertain ourselves. I made breakfast… pancakes with butter and syrup, scrambled eggs and maple sausage links… yum. I’ve also made a batch of vanilla ice cream that is now hardening in the freezer… (I made mint chocolate chip yesterday, and am strongly considering buying the Cuisinart double ice cream maker… I hat ehaving to wait for that thing to freeze so that I can make another batch).
I guess the question that I’m putting out there is one always gets asked here at home… What do other people (or you) do on the weekends when it’s cold outside? I know that for myself, I can find 1001 things to keep me busy… but that doesn’t help me with my family.
I’m really looking forward to spring… that’s when we can start to do more things outside and those questions will hopefully disappear… until next winter.