Click Love Button

EDIT: I am removing the button from my blog… Sandy left the following comment below:

Be very careful! Adsense is removing ads from those who encourage clicking! I would hate to see that happen to you:0)

I don’t want to cause anyone to lose their ads, nor do I wish to lose mine, so the button lived a short life 🙂

Lot’s of bloggers out there right now are trying to make some extra cash through ads on their blogs. A great way to help them out… at no extra cost to you… is to click on those ads. If you would like to let other bloggers know that you support them by clicking ads, then feel free to take the button that I made:

Removed by author…

When a person clicks on it it will bring them here so that they can get one too… that way they can show that they give the Click Love back!!
If you think it’s a good idea I can also set the button up so that it brings everyone back to this post and I’ll set up a Mr Linky where everyone can list their blogs… Let me know if you’re interested!!