I’m addicted

…to blogging.

When I started blogging a few months ago, I never thought that I would end up getting so addicted to it. I started this journey with the simple intention to blog about Noah and keep my family updated on how he is doing. So I started what my husband now lovingly refers to as the Noah blog. Sure it’s called the Krause Family, but he’s right, I might as well change the title to the Noah Blog.

I started to look around at other blogs to see what they were like and thought that maybe I should start another one. This second blog would be more for me, a way for me to say what was on my mind… things that just would “fit” with my original blog. I played around with the idea about eventually signing up with a pay to post service or something like that as well and make a little extra money. I had read about how others were doing that and it sounded interesting.

That’s how this blog came to life. I never did sign up for any of those services. By the time the Musings was old enough to do so, I had changed my mind about how I wanted to use her… I can’t help it that I am a typical Libra and very indecisive. I still like the thought of making some extra money, especially since becoming a stay at home mom. To this date though I have yet to make a penny off of the Musings… and I’m fine with that. I have started to make some extra cash through survey sites… nothing that will break the bank, but I’m a firm believer in every penny helps and get excited every time I actually qualify for a survey that I can complete and get points for.

I’ve also joined a few word of mouth marketing sites and am trying out some “everyday” kind of products right now that I will leave reviews about shortly. That was one of the reasons why I started yet a third blog… Mama Michie’s Reviews. I wanted that to be my blog that I write reviews and host or mention giveaways on. It is in essence an extension to this blog.

Everyday brings something new and I’ve learned a lot in these past few months… not only about other great bloggers beyond these 4 walls I that call home, but also about myself. I have learned that I can understand HTML… to some extent… enough to be able to make changes. I’ve learned that I will one day (maybe???) master PhotoImpact… everyday I seem to find a new feature. I’m still trying to learn about the behind the scenes statistics… maybe one day I will understand them and learn how to use those facts.

Aside from all of the technical mumbo jumbo though, I have also learned that I still have some issues about myself that I need to deal with, issues I had thought were long since resolved. I’m thinking about starting a weekly feature… a get to know me of some sort… not only to let you get to know the person that is me, but also to help me dust off the cobwebs that have grown in those deep dark corners of my brain…some good… some not so much.  I’ve been playing around with this for the past few weeks, but haven’t found the courage to do so yet… because lets face it… it’s not easy to put ourselves out there… just as we are.

I will share with you what provoked me to come to this decision in the days to come. For now though, I have to get ready and go buy my niece a birthday gift. She turned 1 yesterday {happy birthday E} and I’m driving to her party tomorrow {it’ll be a 3 hour drive one way… just Noah and me and we’ll be coming back Sunday… wish me luck!  😉 }