Noah’s Mobile

Noah has become mobile… he has caught onto rolling from back to belly a lot faster than the other way around. It has also made me even more conscious about the state of our flooring. The carpet – though it was deep cleaned in the summer – is filthy. It is to be expected with two dogs a dog. I’m not a neat freak by any means, but when I see him rolling across the floor, off of the blanket and onto the carpet, it just makes me cringe a little. I guess it’s time to lug the carpet cleaner back out of the basement and give the upstairs a fresher look. After all, that is why we bought the professional style Rug Doctor (I got a great deal on it at Kohl’s – it was on sale and I had another 30% off coupon, it was still expensive, but I saved almost $200!!!). His new mobility also make me realize that I need to finish baby-proofing the house within the next few days!

Our weekend trip went well and we survived being in the car for 6 hours… just the two of us… with him only crying twice for about a minute each time… once on the trip down and once coming home. I was exhausted by the time I got back home though… I didn’t sleep well Saturday night, I was in a strange bed… in an old house, in a room with dead fish on the walls… all I can say is creepy!!!