Cute Babies

Have you ever looked through the Sunday ads and stopped dead in your tracks when you saw the baby sporting the newest style? But not because you thought the baby was oh so cute? More so because that baby looked vary scary? Yeah… you know you have… go on admit it.

All babies are supposed to be cute, I know. How dare I sit here and write about scary looking babies? Well they’re out there… the ones where you just think… That poor child! You could never let the parents know that you think their child is less than adorable though. No, that would be suicide, because all parents know that their child is the cutest child on the face of the earth. Their child will win the cover contest, get all the modeling deals, become the biggest child actor there is. No, you’re wrong… the child does not look like a little troll. No, its ears aren’t too big. What do you mean you think its eyes bug out? What is wrong with you can’t you see the sweet smile?

It’s not so bad when you see the ugly baby in the ads or online, you can snicker and comment and no one will know. It’s worse when you go up to the parent pushing the stroller and peer over and as your catching the first glimpse say in your sweetest voice “Oh!!! Look at the cah-ute bay-bee!” But you drag out the last two words, because in that precise moment you saw the child and it was in no way cute! Can we say awkward?

I’ve just been thinking about this not because I know think my son is the cutest child in the world. It’s also not because I saw some ugly child at the supermarket. No, what brought it on was that I submitted a photo to the Babytalk/Parenting Magazine cover model contest and I’ve become “that” mom. The one who checks almost daily to see if her child’s picture is in the newest group. The one who looks through them all, and… when not finding the picture of her precious little boy, wonders “well they put a picture up of that baby… why isn’t mine’s in there yet?” Can we say jealous? Yeah, maybe a little bit… anxious about when she’ll see his picture too. I mean… it’s one thing to have pictures of your kid up in your own space, but to have it somewhere bigger, larger, more popular… well that’s hitting the jackpot right there!

So I’ll keep checking and mumbling until I see his picture posted. If and when I do… well you know I’ll let you know about it!