We are a bunch of computer nerds here at our house. My husband is an IT guy (the correct title I believe is Senior Software Developer… I may have gotten that wrong though), he basically codes and codes and codes. I’m just a nerd, always have been and like to learn new things (like how to code). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we each have a computer here at home… and most mornings and on many evenings (after Noah’s been put to bed of course) you will find us sitting next to each other on our 12 foot Ikea desk (his side nice and neat… mine… well, let’s just say its getting better) with our noses facing the monitors.

We are such nerds that I have gotten parts to upgrade my computer for my last 2 birthdays (ahhh nerd love)… and I was actually excited to get them! He has gotten many PC games from me over the past few years… for Christmas, his birthday, when he was sick… you name it, if there was a reason to get him something and there was a new game he wanted, I got it for him.

Anyway… the other day he comes running into the room like a kid in the candy store. I looked at him and just asked “So what game did you buy now?” (He had just finished his most recent one the night before, so I knew that had to be it). “Guitar Hero!!!” Now I got a little excited, because I thought maybe, just maybe he splurged and got a Wii (hello Wii Fit or EA Sports Active!!)… but no there’s a PC version out and he bought that. Of course we would get the PC version… how could we get anything else.

We got our Amazon delivery today… I couldn’t tell him, because he left his phone here at home this morning (he was sidetracked trying to help me with hosting questions *cough* geek *cough*). When he came home and saw the box he was like a little kid… he took the box, ran upstairs and unpacked it right away. Before you could look, the disc was popped into the computer and it was installing. Guess what my husband has been doing all evening?

Ahhh my Rock Star husband!! He did take the time to eat some homemade pizza though. =)