Toothless me

I am alive… okay so I haven’t been missing that long, but I felt like I should check in. Everything went well on Friday and thank you to everyone for the well wishes! I have been taking it easy… drinking soup and milk shakes and eating ice cream, while my husband gets to eat the “good” stuff (I was seriously jealous of his sandwich yesterday!).

I opted to go with the nitrous instead of being knocked out. Honestly… I was expecting something other than what it was. I mean it did make me feel buzzed… in a good way (having not had that feeling in over 19 months, it wasn’t so bad) and it did help take the edge off, but I guess I was expecting something a little different… something a little less alcoholy.

The ladies were really friendly – the one patted my hand as the surgeon was giving me the Novocaine – I thought that was sweet! The other talked to me about her daughter, she’s a maternity nurse at the hospital Noah was born in and is expecting her first child after trying for 2 years. The surgeon was a bit of an @$$ – he wasn’t the friendliest to the ladies helping him. I mean there were 3 people trying to get their hands into my mouth area… it’s going to be a tight squeeze – at one point I almost blurted out “You’re a bit of a dick!” Thank goodness though I couldn’t talk (It would have been funny to hear what that sounded like though, what with my mouth completely numb and my tongue feeling like a brick!)

After everything was over, my mouth said good-bye to 4 wisdom teeth and 1 mole/piece of scar tissue that was on the inside of my lip. Instead, there are now stitches where the teeth used to be and a cauterized hole where the bump was… lovely. The surgeon left a huge piece of thread on 1 of my stitches that proceeded to make me gag after I took the gauze out, so that had to be cut down to size… I mean really who leaves a 1″ thread in the back of someones mouth? I haven’t needed to take too much Tylenol… my mouth has been more sore than in pain, thank goodness.

I did ask to save the teeth and still have to clean and bleach them before they will make their debut appearance on the internet. You don’t expect me to show them off the way they look now do you? ewwwww =)