New Talent Woes…

Noah has perfected the art of standing in his crib to where he can go from laying on his back to standing in about 2 seconds.

This proves to be a problem at bedtime now, because he no longer just turns around and falls asleep… as he finally had started doing… oh no… bedtime has once again become an ordeal.

Instead of doing what he should… and what he needs to do (since everyone including Noah seems to know that he’s tired and should/wants to go to sleep), he stands up and cruises over to the corner of the crib and cries and cries and cries until we come in and lay him down (just to have to repeat the whole thing again and again and again until one of us gives in).

Last night Ray spent about an hour trying to get him to fall asleep in the crib without letting Noah roll over and pull himself up. It finally worked, only to have the little bugger wake up around 3 and do it all over again!

The kicker is that as soon as you walk in the room, he lets out one more cry and a sniffle and then looks at you like this:

He’s such a little stinker.