Thanksgiving Thursday

It’s that time again… a little late in the day maybe, but I still made it. Go visit Nicole‘s blog What a trip! to see what it’s all about.

This week I’m thankful for:

Motrin- yeah that’s right… infants Motrin to be exact. I’m thankful for it because has helped my son feel better quickly by dropping his temp down to normal range. Let’s face it, I hate to see my little guy not feeling well and when his temp is at 102 or 103 and he’s whimpering, I will do what I can to make him feel better.

That said I’m also thankful that they have wonderful drugs out there that will make me loopy enough to (hopefully) not register what’s going on tomorrow when they are pulling out all four of my wisdom teeth!

I’m thankful to have a great husband who keeps trying to keep me calm and who tells me everything will be ok when I worry (and then jokes about the insurance money he’ll get if something does go wrong!).

I’m thankful for my family… I couldn’t ask for a better family! I love them so much and am happy that I live close enough to visit them whenever I want to