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Another week, another post with random thoughts!

  • We are supposed to be hit with a “snowstorm” today. So far it looks like we are getting a little snow, but no storm. I know many of you may think me crazy for saying it, but I was looking forward to getting the 12 inches of snow they were calling for last night. Now it looks like if we’re lucky we may get half of that. *sigh* For some reason we are getting screwed out of all of the good snow this year. =(
  • Noah is doing great in his bed. With the exception of yesterday, he has been taking longer naps in there than he ever did in his crib and at night he sleeps from 7:30/8ish until 4:30/5ish. We close his door at night, because he seems to sleep better that way and I love how he gets up and starts knocking on it when he wakes up. I knock back before opening the door (to make sure that I don’t bonk him on the head) and he just thinks its the funniest thing ever! Needless to say, most mornings he is wide awake by 5 am, so that’s when the 2 of us have been getting up… I can’t believe I used to do it all the time… I’m so not used to getting up that early anymore!
  • I made some blogging goals for myself at the beginning of the year. I saw that many people had been linking them up to #Savvyblogging, something I have been following on Twitter for a while now. I didn’t post my goals, but instead have them as my desktop photo here on my laptop and I am happy to say that so far I am doing pretty good. One of my goals was to post at least 4 times a week… I wanted to be more consistent… and I have been averaging 5 posts. I also want to comment more… both on other blogs as well as in response to comments on here. I still need to work on that one. Things right now are a bit hectic w/ school and preparing for the baby, so I don’t get as much blog time as I would like… especially when you take in account that I am not online at all between 9am and 5pm during the week. That time is Noah time and even though it means that I have over 200 posts in my reader, I like to keep it that way.
  • I’ve got a serious case of pregnancy brain and will be happy to have my brain back! I swear I am repeating myself half the time (I think I wrote all of that about Noah yesterday… oh well) and I sometimes say the stupidest things though I really don’t mean to. Ray laughed at me, because the other day we were at Wendy’s and I was looking at the #9 – the Ultimate chicken grill – I wanted to order that, but I told the lady #5 and didn’t realize it until she asked if I wanted a single, double or triple… uh what?! Yeah I guess I ordered a bacon burger on accident and didn’t even realize it.

Alright – Noah and I need to get ready for our last day of Tot Rocks… hopefully it will start snowing some more when we get back home!!

What has been going on in your neck of the woods? Have you been affected by the snowstorms?

13 thoughts on “Tell It Tuesday – No Snow”

  1. I’ll share my snow with you! Come take as much as you want. Just come get it before the next 12-18″ arrives tonight, mmkay? Goodness, I’m a northern girl and I’ve never seen this much at a time.

    In other news, yay for big boy beds!

    1. LOL!! My aunt in PA said the same thing. She’s sick of it… I think if I had to shovel the stuff I would be too, but I don’t so I want more 😉

  2. Pregnancy brain is the worst. I called my husband the other day to tell him something and by the time he answered, I had forgotten why I was calling. To make matters worse, I did it two more times before I could recall what I needed to tell him.

  3. Bree will be 3 in September, and I’ve been thinking about getting her into her toddler bed. But I’m still not sold on the idea. I don’t know how she’ll do. But I know that she can’t be 3 years old and still sleeping in a crib…

    I think she may be ready now…but I may give it a couple of more weeks before we actually do it. She hasn’t been taking her naps like she normally would and I tend to think it has something to do with the crib.
    .-= Samantha´s last blog ..Happy Blogaversary!! =-.

    1. I wasn’t too sure about it either, but we have no real choice in the matter. I was surprised at how quickly he took to the bed. He was so proud to be in it already on the first night.
      I watch him in the monitor and see how he rolls around and moves in it… he has much more room in the bed than in the crib and I really think that helps with the sleep. Good luck to you when you do decide to make the change with Bree!!

    1. Having grown up right on Lake Erie in OH, I’m used to having more snow than this.
      Usually I wouldn’t complain about the lack of snow, but if the weatherman calls for 10 to 12 inches and we only get 5 it’s a little upsetting to me… not so much because I want to deal with it, but because I think it would be fun for Noah. (We did end up getting more throughout the day, so I’m happy now!! ha)

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