18 Months

Noah being shyHappy 18 months Noah!!

I can’t believe that you are getting to be such a big (little) boy!! It feels like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital… and now look at you! You sleep in a big bed all by yourself at night and during naptimes. In fact you sleep better in your big bed than you did in your crib!

Although you still aren’t really speaking, you do try to use your words and not just talk like a Decepticon (though daddy says you talk Autobot… hmmm). You love the words “no” and “this”, which you pronouce “dis”. You try to say ball, blue, bubble and boobie… ah yes, you really are a little boy!!

You are such a great little helper… most of the time… and you love to pick up and throw away trash. It’s probably good that you are turning out to be a little neat freak like your daddy. Now is you would only start putting your toys away too and not leave them laying around all over the place!

You have such a loving nature… you love to snuggle and give hugs and kisses. I love how when I ask where your little sister is, you lift up my top to show my belly. You then point to my belly button and give it a big kiss and a hug! I can only hope that you will be that loving to your little sister once she’s here too!!

You are the light of your fathers and my lives and we are so happy that you are here. You bring something new to each day and it is never dull with you in the room!!! You have the cutest little laugh… I hope that never goes away. I love you so much little man, but I’m sure that you know that! Happy 18 months honey… we love you!

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