Getting back to normal

For some reason I can’t seem to get back into the groove of things. The past week has been a mix of normal and trying times. It started off easy enough… I still had half a mountain of clothes to tackle and a house to get back in order. Isn’t it funny how you just have soooo much more work to do after a vacation… even when you’re still trying to keep up with that work while on vacation… yeah, not really funny… not funny at all. But I’m sure that’s normal.

Noah behind barsAs for trying… Noah had gotten used to us going to sleep with him (and sleeping in bed with him) while on vacation, so nap times and bed times this week were… well… trying. Thursday was really bad… instead of a 45 minute fight at nap time like earlier in the week, it took him 2 hours to fall asleep. Now, we’ve been on a one kid up/ one kid down schedule (til 3 pm) lately, so I haven’t had much time to breath… and my nerves and patience were pretty short. So you can imagine that I wasn’t too happy to hear that he was awake just an hour after he went to sleep. I went upstairs and got him… thinking that I could lay him on the couch and have him sleep another hour there… only he felt sooooo hot. I gave him a few minutes to cool down, but he was still burning up… so I checked his temp… 103.3F at 3 in the afternoon!! No wonder he woke up! I gave him some meds to get it down and just had him relax the rest of the afternoon.

Ray and I kept an eye on him throughout the evening. His temp was back up by 6, so more meds as well as a lukewarm bath… and back down it went. By 9:30 it was creeping up to 103.5F. I drove over to our local CVS to get some other meds and some (generic) Pedialyte, since he wasn’t drinking as much as he should have been. Shortly after getting back home and giving him yet more meds, his fever spiked at just over 104F!! We had cold wet cloths on his forehead and I tried wrapping his calves with wet clothes too, but he hated that. Thankfully the acetaminophen started working and 30 minutes later his temperature started going down. We were thisclose to calling the doctor and taking him into the ER though… thisclose!

The thing that scared me about the situation was not only the high temperature (he must get that from me – unfortunately I tended to spike high fevers as a child… including one that landed me in the hospital for a few days), but also his little heart… it was racing and it felt like it was going to pound right out of his chest. I spoke to the nurse yesterday… because after an uneventful morning, he once again spiked a fever of over 103F after his nap. She let me know that the quick heartbeat is normal… but still… it doesn’t change how a parent feels when it’s happening. Thankfully last night Noah’s temp never climbed higher than 102F and was gone today. Unfortunately, Ray thinks that he may be coming down with what Noah had. =(

It was an hour long fight tonight with him to go asleep again tonight. We have a rule here at home that once there will only be water once teeth have been brushed… well Mr Noah wanted milk… so finally I said that I would get him some… and he fell asleep while waiting for me (I was sitting on the couch getting the Clingman’s Dome post ready!)… yes I  lied to my child… but a rule is a rule and this mama wanted to have him go to sleep!

So here I sit on a Saturday night writing posts and trying to get back into a posting groove. I lost 2 followers in the past two weeks =( and I wonder if it’s because I fell off of the radar for a little while… but I won’t dwell on that. I’m just happy that I was able to get some time on the laptop!

{{Oh… and it’s now 11:30pm and I just lied to Noah… again… yes he woke up… I’ve told you he’s a terrible sleeper. Anyway, I told him I would go get him some milk, knowing that he would be asleep before I got to the bottom of the stairs… I’m such a terrible mom, but he’s quiet… and asleep!}}

9 thoughts on “Getting back to normal”

  1. Puh-lease don’t dwell on those 2 followers! We ALL get in a funk, and out of our groove with blogging, and they may have done the same. If not, their loss! And, yes, I’m speaking from experience!! lol

    I hope Noah is feeling better! Poor little guy! A fever of 103F is no fun for anyone, but even more so for our little ones!!

    Things will sort themselves out, and you’ll get back in your routine soon enough. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I can’t wait to read your Clingman’s Dome post! It’s one of my favorite places ever.

    1. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad about it at first, but I promise I’m not dwelling on it!

      I wish I could say that Noah is feeling better, but he’s not. His fever is gone, but he’s all congested now… and it looks like Abby and Ray are too. If it’s not one thing it’s another!

      By the way… I’m happy you’re back online!!!

    1. I don’t mind about them… I still stand by what I wrote on your blog a few weeks ago =)

      You’re right it is the worst when they are sick, I feel so bad that I can’t make him just feel better right away.

  2. There seems to be going around a 3-day-fever. Mostly high fever with no other major symptoms. My two year old just got over it. Hope he kicks it quickly!

  3. Moms never get any rest don’t we? It’s really heartbreaking when our kids get sick but we can only hope that when they’re older they’ll appreciate us more. As for the unfollowers – you’ll get them no matter what. Just continue what you’re doing and you’ll gain more in the process =)

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