Clingman’s Dome, TN

We had a bit of bad luck with the weather while down in Tennessee… it was either raining or overcast (with the threat of rain) the first few days there. Our last full day there though was forecast to be a beautiful – though chilly day and we meant to take advantage of every minute of sunshine!

We chose that day to tour the Smokey mountains… first stop was a drive to and through Cades Cove (post on that to follow). After that we drove to the highest point in the Mountains… Clingman’s Dome. Let me tell you that was a drive!!! At one point I opened the windows slightly and closed my eyes, because all of the curves were making me a little sick to my stomach. Once we got to the end of the road we still had a half mile hike up the rest of the mountain to get to the observation tower up on the top. {WARNING: Picture heavy!!}

Clingman's Dome, TN

It was much colder up there than down in the cove… and much more overcast. I don’t think Noah wanted his picture taken!

The view was breath taking… even despite being cloudy.

Michaela and Abby at Clingman's Dome, TN

Taking a rest – it was a steep trail!! Thank goodness for benches along the way.

It was sad to see the dead trees among the living ones. I guess there’s a European bug killing a lot of the fir trees there.

Abby was having a great time – I would have been as happy as she was to if someone would have carried me up there!

Noah was happy too – he tried walking up the mountain with us, but quickly realized that it was better to be pushed up!

Once we reached the top of the mountain, we still had to walk up to the top of the observation tower.

That was just part of the way… it still curved around and went further (I really earned my dessert that day!!)

It was an awesome sight up on top… we had fun watching the clouds roll in… not gonna lie though… it was a little creepy!

I love this photo of him!! He looks so deceptively peaceful!!

Standing as a family in front of the Appalachian Trail… maybe one day when the kids are older Ray and I will hike it… maybe…

The hike back down was easier… if you look really hard to the right of the guy in the coat with the orange sleeve you’ll see the parking lot. =)

We finally made it back down and just had to have a few more pictures starring an uncooperative Noah… just look how little he is compared to those rocks!!

We had a great time going up the mountain… I don’t know if it was as peaceful as everyone had imagined it would be… Noah was quite active up there!! 😉 It was the perfect ending to our vacation… well before the 11 hour drive back home that is. That was an adventure in itself!

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