Just the girls

My mom and her fiancé are getting married in just a few short weeks and last night she was surprised with a bachelorette party.

My youngest sister and I were there to celebrate with her, though I’m sure there were times during the party both of us wished we were any where but there (like when our mom was opening her gifts… typical bachelorette gifts). I had a lot of fun though… both at watching my mother laugh her head off and listening to my sister gag!! 😉 Those are just moments that no child, no matter how old they are, wants to imagine!!

My little sis is such a cutie hamming it up for the camera!! She had the cutest flower in her hair – Loved it!!

It ended up being a late night for all of us and we found out the hard way that Abby doesn’t take to kindly to waking up after bedtime and finding out that her mama still isn’t home. I ended up spending the last 30 – 40 minutes of my drive home singing German lullaby’s and children’s songs to her. Doing so made me realize a few things 1) my voice is gone after midnight and 2) I guess I only remember German songs, which doesn’t bother me so much, because now my children will also learn them. It also means that now I really need to make sure that I know all of the words to the songs and not just wing it like I did last night. I guess Abby didn’t mind some of my impromptu verses though, because Ray told me that she was dancing with him (and Noah… who was the reason behind her waking up in the first place – the stinker!) while I was singing.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Just the girls”

  1. I don’t know how I would have handled that! My dad buys my mom lingerie for christmas and seeing her open it is the most awkward thing ever!

    1. It was odd at times. I think my sister had a harder time with it than I did though – it cracked me up to see her cover her ears while saying “lalalalala” or gagging – depending on the gift. I think she will be scarred forever 😉

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