I wost you!

Those are the words Noah said to me when I picked him up at my mom’s house on Monday. It was so cute! I guess he said that he “wost” me to my mom a few times too. I tried to explain to him that no, he didn’t lose me. We were just at the Blackhawks game.

Little miss Abby took a few minutes before she decided to cling onto me… maybe she was trying to get back at me for leaving her 😉 After that though, she was like bad static cling. If I set her down, she would run after me, tug on my pants and chant “mama mama mama mama mama!”. So for those of you who were wondering, yes she does say a few words! Yay!!

The past few days have been better, though Noah has been a bit clingier and is back to being a bigger pain at night. He’s been getting progressively worse, wanting to come into our room at increasingly earlier times. It used to be that he would sleep in his bed until about 5:30 am before crawling into ours… now he tries to get in there at 11:30pm already. *sigh* It’s not like I mind that both kids end up being in our bed… we became partial co-sleepers at some point and I’m more than okay with that as long as there are no kids in our bed when Ray and I go to sleep at night! The thing is though that both kids are getting bigger and both kids are movers… I don’t know how they do it, but they make even a king sized bed feel small!!

So last Friday I pulled out a small mattress and placed it on the floor next to my side of  the bed. I’m still trying to get Noah to sleep in his bed longer, but when I am to tired to fight him at night he now has another option… and you know what? He loves it! He is by us, which is what he wants, but not in bed with us so Ray and I have a little more room (and are not getting kicked at night) so we can sleep a little better! It’s not the ideal end-all solution to the problem, but it works for now.

Those of you with kids… were yours little break out artists too who wanted nothing more than to sleep in your bed and if so, how did you handle it?

3 thoughts on “I wost you!”

  1. I got Sydney in a big double bed at age three and she finally stopped getting up and coming to sleep with me. She really liked the big bed. HA.

    He is so cute. He thought you was WOST! Awwwh… Glad you had a great night out. 🙂

  2. I don’t have a kid yet but someday I’d love mine to say he/she wost me. Your kids are sweet.

  3. I didn’t have a break out artist… but I wanted to say that I thought it was funny you mentioned Abby took a while to take to you when you came back.. my daughter does that EVERY time we leave her over night at her grandparents- or if I travel for biz. She is totally trying to get me back! lol

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