Obviously sitting down to pre-write posts isn’t working out so well. This past week has been filled with such a mix of things. Last Thursday I took the kids to the pediatrician for flu shots, a check up {Noah’s 4 year… I’m only 3 months behind} and the latest set of vaccinations. Needless to say, it was inevitable that at least 1 of my children would have a reaction to the shots… and it was Noah. The poor kid’s temp started rising Thursday evening and he didn’t break it until sometime on Sunday.

Noah after vaccinations

Whenever the medication would start to wear off, his fever would spike to between 102.5 and 103.5. The poor boy didn’t do much more than lay around on the couch or sleep all day Friday and most of Saturday.

Noah sleeping on the rocking chair

He would be awake for a few minutes and then just fall back asleep wherever he happened to be at the time. I hate it when the kids are sick and am so thankful that  it doesn’t happen all too often. {knock on wood}. He’s been back to his usual self though… which is both a good and bad thing. I think that the 4’s are almost as bad as the 2’s. That boy has definitely learned how to push my buttons and test my patience… something that, unfortunately, I’ve been having less and less of lately since it’s being tested so very often. Don’t get me wrong… not everyday is a battle… but that boy is just as stubborn as we are *ahem*. We’re both learning… and talking it out… and I’m trying to become a better parent and find my patience again.

Playroom turned city

So yesterday morning we set up his Geo Trax set in the playroom and played with trains all morning. Man are those kids spoiled!!  This is just a portion of the city that we built together. Nap time was then spent cleaning old silicone off of the bathtub in our master bathroom {again}. The remodel is moving along again and I’m so happy that we will begin tiling soon {and by we, I mean Ray… because let’s face it, someone has to keep the kids occupied}. I have learned one thing though… silicone is a pain in the rear to get off of the tub!!

This weekend will be spent prepping and cleaning for Thanksgiving, along with family time and tiling… and I also look forward to getting some sewing time in, since I’ve only sewn on one day this week and I have a custom order {going to Canada!!!} to work on.

What will you be doing this weekend? Are you prepping for Thanksgiving too?

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