Baby of Mine

Baby mine, don’t you cry.Baby mine, dry your eyes.Rest your head close to my heart,Never to part,Baby of mine.imageLike many other children, Noah and Abby have a few bedtime rituals that must be followed… one of which involves me singing multiple songs {both in English and German… and it’s really cute to listen to them sing in German with me… it just fills my heart up with joy!!}, before turning off the lights.
A few months ago, the kids added watching a quick music video to our nightly ritual {one of the perks of owning a tablet 😉}. At the time, they were really into classic rock… more specifically Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust, and so we would watch that. Then the Newtown shooting happened… and that night at bedtime, as the music started to play and Freddie started to sing, I just couldn’t listen to it anymore.
I wanted my children to go to bed listening to songs filled with love… not that.
On that night, I went back to an old favorite of mine… a song that I had hummed often while putting Noah to sleep many, many times before… a song filled with love… and it had a cute little elephant in the video too! The kids have been watching the Baby Mine video ever since. Sure, they asked about the Queen video a few times in the days following my decision, but have since stopped. Now all they want is the elephant, or Dumbo song before the lights go out… it’s a song that I will gladly play, and sing for them, just before kissing their little heads one last time for the night.

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