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Happy New Year!!


New Year's confetti

It’s 2013! According to some, it’s the year that wasn’t supposed to happen… yeah, I didn’t really fall for that either. Ray and I celebrated New Year’s eve here at home… both of us sick with whatever cold is going around right now… fun! Thankfully {if there ever really is a thankfully to having a cold}, our family wasn’t hit with this bug until after Christmas was over. Unfortunately though, it’s now making it’s way through everyone in the house… and so far Noah is the only one who hasn’t really gotten it.

So, it’s a new year, and that means good intentions and new resolutions. I for one have a pretty long list of things that I would like to change and/or work toward. I’ve also decided to pick a word for this year… GROW.  While last year had many good and memorable moments, it was a rough year for me personally.  2012 started out on such a high note and then within a matter of days, that little bubble of happiness was shattered. I want this year to be different… I need this year to be different.

I thought long and hard about which word I would choose, if I were to do a word of the year. The word grow jumped at me out of nowhere, and immediately I knew that it was the word. I want {and I feel I need} to grow as a person, a wife, a mother, a cook, a homemaker, etc, etc, etc… I need me grow into the me that I know is hiding in there somewhere. I need to grow to get over my fears… the fears that have been holding me back from doing the things that I know I can do. I need to stop thinking and planning, and just start doing. That step right there is so very hard for me… what  if I fail? What if it’s not good enough? The list of what if’s runs a mile long in my head… a never ending inner monologue of possibilities – both good and bad. But… but, if I never try, if I always wait for the right moment to happen, then I will never take that step  and I’ll always wonder… and so this year, I will grow… I will learn to step out of my shadow and take those chances… for me, for my family, for our life.

This year will be a good year… it is a year full of new possibilities… of changes just waiting to happen. I’m ready, are you?

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