Yes It’s Ladies Night…

Well, not really… I have the song stuck in my head though and thought maybe, just maybe if I type part of the lyrics I’ll get it out of my head… I’ll keep you posted 😉
So while Ray is playing a new game he bought on his laptop, I am snuggled with a blanket and my laptop on the couch opposite him… headphones on… listening to Corrine Bailey Rae and Norah Jones on Pandora. This is so different from what Saturday evenings used to be prior to having children…

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Tell it Tuesday – Bunkmates

Soooo… in an effort to try and get Noah to go to bed easier and sleep better at night, we decided it was time to move Abby into Noah’s room… well their room. The first night was interesting with Abby fussing every few minutes, while Noah stayed in his bed. I had told him that they were having a slumber party, not that he knew what that meant.

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Who needs sleep anyway?

For the past few months, Noah had been doing pretty well sleeping at night. He would go to bed around 7PM and sleep until around 4:30AM… snack and then fall back asleep until at least 6:30. We had even worked on getting him to take his 2 daytime naps in his crib, instead of on

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