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Tell it Tuesday

Soooo… in an effort to try and get Noah to go to bed easier and sleep better at night, we decided it was time to move Abby into Noah’s room… well their room. The first night was interesting with Abby fussing every few minutes, while Noah stayed in his bed. I had told him that they were having a slumber party, not that he knew what that meant. They finally both fell asleep and Ray and I were able to get a few hours of sleep without any little feet kicking us our hands bruising our arms. Sometime in the middle of the night I did awake to a little head peeking over my mattress… it was a start.

The following nights haven’t been as good… while Abby transitioned to the new bed and more comfortable mattress quite well, Noah is… well… being a brat at bed time. Even though he is tired, he refuses to go to sleep peacefully and bedtime has become very stressful for all of us (well, maybe not for Abby since she’s asleep within seconds).

They past two nights have been a little better, since I started talking to George and telling him he needs to behave and explaining to him why this mama can’t go “ha” (Noah’s word for sleep… it’s because we would fake sleeping by making exaggerated breathing sounds… shh hahs hhh hah) with them in Noah’s bed. They have still ended with the pitter patter of little feet and a face that pokes above my mattress sometime in the wee hours of the morning though.

It’s not all bad though, once they are both asleep… like right now, Ray and I do have some time to enjoy to ourselves where we can watch a movie , craft and read or play WoW (World of Warcraft). =) Yes… I’m a dork like that and I have Ray to thank for getting me hooked on that game!

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  1. Oh girl… I feel for you! Having two kids in the same room can be both great and horrible at the same time. When Johnny was Noah’s age he went through a very similar issue with bedtime. Keep consistent and eventually he will stop the nonsense.

    Hugs to you! I miss you girl!

  2. Hang in there….it’s a rough road some days…but it will get better…though our Noah’s are about the same age….right now I’m dealing with my Noah getting up when his brother does…’s trying to get him to go back down at 3 am that’s the tough one….

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