Yes It’s Ladies Night…

Well, not really… I have the song stuck in my head though and thought maybe, just maybe if I type part of the lyrics I’ll get it out of my head… I’ll keep you posted 😉

So while Ray is playing a new game he bought on his laptop, I am snuggled with a blanket and my laptop on the couch opposite him… headphones on… listening to Corrine Bailey Rae and Norah Jones on Pandora. This is so different from what Saturday evenings used to be prior to having children… well maybe not. We may have gone out then, but then again we may have been sitting at our (former) desks upstairs in the loft (now playroom) playing World of Warcraft. What can I say… we are computer junkies and we are both nerds!! 😉

The kids are sleeping peacefully upstairs. I’m hoping that it stays that way for a little while (okay a long while) longer. It’s only 10pm and Abby has already woken up once… not to worry though, she didn’t wake Noah because he was still laying awake in his bed “reading” his books. I go in there to get her and put her back to sleep and Noah looks at me “Abby drink milk mommy“. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. He feels all of her problems will be solved with mama’s milk and then Abby will be quiet again. I have to admit, in a way he’s right, because many times that is exactly what she wants. She had already nursed though and I knew she didn’t need more. Her problem is the same as his was at that age. She refused to put herself back to sleep. It’s not that she doesn’t know how… she just doesn’t want to… and because they two of them share a room, I have a very hard time “forcing” the self soothing on her… at least not at night…so there I sat rocking her back to sleep, while humming “Guten Abend, Gute Nacht“. You know what though… I don’t mind it in the least. Sure it’s a bit annoying when she wakes while Ray and I are trying to watch a movie, or like just now – as I was typing this sentence – but I know that one day she will be too big for me to hold her… and so I hold her a little tighter and rock her back to sleep. Is she spoiled – oh yeah! But then again Noah is too 😉

I think the music is getting to me… maybe I’m getting a little too sentimental this evening. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, though we did take a nice family nap this afternoon… the boys on one couch and the girls on the other. It felt so good… up until Abby woke up and head butted me right in the nose! It’s not everyday we get to nap together like that though… and the nights have been a little rough. Typically Abby wakes up at least twice at night – 11ish and 3am-ish and Noah still wakes up  at least once too… but at least he no longer wakes us when he does. I’ve started keeping their bedroom door open a crack after I deal with Abby the first time, so he just comes running into our room and crawls into bed next to me.

Thank goodness for king size beds!!

I never thought that our bed would become the family bed that it has. There is seldom a morning where we’re not all in it, lying there next to each other…. Noah trying to hold Abby’s hand… Abby with her back to Noah, trying to pull her hand away from him… both of them on my side of the bed and Ray spread out enjoying the room on his… that is until Noah turns and kicks him in the back! 😉 The look on the kids faces as they wake up and see each other though is priceless. It’s the best way to wake up… and I love it.

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  1. So much sweetness and treasured family time in this post. I love how you hold and rock her, knowing she will grow too big. It happens so fast and not all moms recognize how quickly it passes. I am happy you cherish it. I know they do too. Happy smiles all around. 🙂

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