Pre-dinner Entertainment

Winter has finally arrived in the Midwest… well, it’s at least here for the weekend. =) We had a pretty busy day today and weren’t really able to go outside and enjoy the snow, but that doesn’t mean that the kids didn’t get the chance to play with it!

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Snow scooting

Now that most of the snow has been melting and there are only a few inches left of what once used to be 3 foot high drifts next to the house, I thought I would remember the blizzard of 2011 with a little video of Noah scooting down one of the snow “mountains” by the house… by the way… those snow mountains still exist and will probably still be here in April since they were well over 6 feet high!

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What day is it?

Oh my goodness, is it Thursday already? Where has this week flown to?! I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday. I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy these past few days. Last weekend Abby and I drove down to my moms and met up with my sisters so that we could go dress shopping for my mothers upcoming wedding. Dress shopping is not my thing at all. I am such a practical shopper. I don’t go to the mall just for fun – I go with a purpose… though I have been known to go there with the kids in the winter so that Noah can get his run and play on at the indoor playground.

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