What day is it?

Oh my goodness, is it Thursday already? Where has this week flown to?! I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday. I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy these past few days. Last weekend Abby and I drove down to my moms and met up with my sisters so that we could go dress shopping for my mothers upcoming wedding. Dress shopping is not my thing at all. I am such a practical shopper. I don’t go to the mall just for fun – I go with a purpose… though I have been known to go there with the kids in the winter so that Noah can get his run and play on at the indoor playground.

Anyway… after a few hours at the mall I was done… soooooo finished… and unfortunately the dress that we had finally agreed upon was not available in time for the wedding. In a way I felt like the day was a waste of time… the good news is that the day was not wasted. Though the four of us may not have found dresses at that time (we have since), we did find the dresses for the little girls – the 2 flower girls (the 2 older granddaughters) and the baby girls (Abby and her cousin C)… it’s so cute too, because they will all match!!!  We still have to find a suit for Noah, who will be the ring bearer. I had planned on driving back home that night, but because it was late and because I had only gotten 4 1/2 hours of sleep the night before, Ray and I decided it was best for Abby and me to spend the night. I’m glad that I stayed though, because we  were able to pick out another dress that we thought would flatter all of us and and they have been ordered! WooHoo!! Now just to finish losing those last few pesky pounds =)

Abby was so cute to watch with her cousins. She was so relaxed and able to play the way that she wanted with her cousins E and C. She doesn’t often get the chance to play in a relaxed setting, since Noah usually wants to either play with her or  is taking the toys she’s playing with away from her… but Noah wasn’t with us since he  spent the day with daddy, so there was no need to worry about that.

Abby and little miss C

Look at those two cuties!!

Abby Jessie and miss C

Abby made this face quite often over the weekend.

Since then we’ve been to a few playdates and have been trying to stay warm while this bitter cold passes through the Midwest. After spending the better part of  two days at home, I’m starting to feel stir crazy, but it looks like we may not be going anywhere tomorrow, since Abby’s nose was running like a leaky faucet at times today. I’m crossing my fingers that she’s getting more teeth and that it’s not a cold. I think it’s a cold though and that means that we won’t be going to the Valentines party for our mom’s group. booo!!! =( It also means that either Noah and I will be going out to have him run up the big snow mountains while Abby is napping or we will be playing indoor baseball (I have him hit the ball and then run from the loft to our bedroom and back a few times to get some of that energy out… hey a mama has to do what a mama has to do!).

What do (or did) you do with your little ones when it gets too cold to go out?

(Oh and in case you wondered… Noah’s first words when he woke up and found Abby and his mama missing… “Where my Abby?!” He truly does love her!!)

4 thoughts on “What day is it?”

  1. Enjoyed the time with all of you girls and I think those dresses will be nicer than the ones you tried on in the Mall! You girls will look gorgious! ?

  2. Abby’s face there is just too cute! I’m glad you found the girls some dresses that day. I used to be a big shopper myself, but like you, I’m more of a get in, get out girl now.

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