Pre-dinner Entertainment

Winter has finally arrived in the Midwest… well, it’s at least here for the weekend. =) We had a pretty busy day today and weren’t really able to go outside and enjoy the snow, but that doesn’t mean that the kids didn’t get the chance to play with it!

Abby's first snow

This was Abby’s first real experience with snow… she didn’t really get into it much last year. She’s loving every bit of it so far though and I can’t wait to take her out side to play!!! {and yes, she is wearing her Santa shirt in January and if you look closely around her neck, that gold band is the mask to her Halloween costume… all she’s missing is the purple sunglasses that she had on earlier… in the house of course!! =) }

Abby's first snow

She just loved putting her fingers in the snow and then telling me that it was “cole“!! I think she was expecting something a little warmer 😉

Noah and the snow cup 2012

Noah is an old pro with snow already, so it was nothing new for him. He has been waiting for snow all winter though, so the excitement in his eyes this morning as the first flake started to fall was priceless. He loves the snow! He’s been wearing his boots {in 40/50 degree weather} for the past few weeks days in hopes that it would snow soon. That day has finally arrived!! Yay!!!

I love how two little bowls filled with snow can keep them quiet {with the exception of the 101 questions from Noah why and how snow melts and freezes}, happy and entertained for 10 minutes while I finished getting dinner ready. I may actually miss this about winter once the snow is gone… but that will be the only thing that I’ll be missing!!! =)

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  1. If we ever get snow this year, am for sure going to put some in bowls for them before dinner – Great idea! Love Abby’s reaction, lols!

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