Yellow Belt Boy

So I promised some more photos and here’s your post!! =)

This past Saturday was testing day at Noah’s Taekwondo school. Since he has only been going there for 3 weeks, we were told that he wouldn’t be able to test this time. We were okay with that and Noah even said that he would like to go and cheer on the other kids. Then late last week, his Grandmaster gave him his testing pre-qualification form!

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A Noah video

Noah has a few taekwondo classes under his belt now. So far, he’s been there 3 times and loves it. He looks so adorable in his little uniform (yes I am biased). It’s soooo big on him… I rolled the sleeves, pant legs, waist and pulled the shirt up with the belt in order to make it fit… it’s a hack job but it works!!! =)

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