A Noah video

Our little Noah has a few taekwondo classes under his belt now. So far, he’s been there 3 times and loves it. He looks so adorable in his little uniform (yes I am biased). It’s soooo big on him… I rolled the sleeves, pant legs, waist and pulled the shirt up with the belt in order to make it fit… it’s a hack job but it works!!! =)

I took some video of Noah so that Ray could watch him in action, and I thought that I would share 1 of them on here too…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYd2EqWfxmQ]

Noah breaking his first official board.

Noah Taekwondo

He looks so very enthused in that photo! ha! He really was having a good time, I just think that he was embarrassed by the extra attention.

Abby couldn’t keep her eyes off of her brother.  She was just giggling and laughing the whole class. I don’t know who had a bigger smile on their face… Abby or Noah. =)

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