Yellow Belt Boy

So I promised some more photos and here’s your post!! =)

This past Saturday was testing day at Noah’s Taekwondo school. Since he has only been going there for 3 weeks, we were told that he wouldn’t be able to test this time. We were okay with that and Noah even said that he would like to go and cheer on the other kids. Then late last week, his Grandmaster gave him his testing pre-qualification form! Noah was allowed to test after all! This came as a pleasant surprise. I guess the Grandmaster saw that Noah is focused and trying his hardest to learn everything {and is doing quite well at it if I do say so myself} and decided to give him a chance.

On Saturday morning we did our typical Saturday morning thing {breakfast made by Ray – yummy eggnog french toast!!} and then got ourselves and the kids ready. I don’t know who was more excited… Noah or me!! =)

Noah in his Taekwondo uniform

Here he is before we left. He’s swimming in his uniform and it’s the smallest size!!! I have to roll the sleeves 3 times, the pant legs twice and the waist at least once. The shoulders of the uniform are at his elbows, and I don’t think he could look any cuter!! =)

Noah taekwondo test day

He was so proud to show off the 4 patches that I sewed on for him. He has the Korean flag on one sleeve, the American flag on the other. The International Taekwondo Federation patch and his “Tiny Lions” patch {the group he’s in} are on the front. The writing on the neck of his uniform is his name written in Korean.

Noah Taekwondo testing

Noah is in the front row – the class he is in is for kids between the ages of 3 and 6… needless to say he is the youngest there.

Noah Taekwondo testing

Here he is showing off his punches… The Grandmaster is seated in back {below the poster} and is watching Noah… I’m not sure who Noah’s looking at though!!

Noah Taekwondo testing day

 **  That face makes my heart sing! **

Noah Taekwondo testing - sparring

As part of their testing, the kids also had to “spar {or fight}” each other… lots of air kicks and punches. The boy supervising them was maybe 11 and already a black belt!!! That could be my son in a few years!!!

Noah taekwondo testing - getting patch

After everything was finished {and a quick potty break thanks to daddy’s watchful eye!!} Noah passed and is able to move on to the yellow belt! He was also awarded a “courage” patch for having the courage to go there and test with all of the others although he was so new at this.

Noah was so happy, Abby was so tired {and fell asleep within seconds after being put in the car}, and Ray and I could not have been prouder of our little boy. He did a great job all around.

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