Noah the Champion Eater!!

Since Noah gets all of his milk on tap, my biggest concern has been whether or not he’s getting enough to eat. I found out at his 2 week Dr’s appointment on Friday that we have nothing to worry about. Our little champion eater gain 12 oz in 12 days putting him at a new fighting weight of 6lbs 10 oz!! Yay!!! We also measured his length 20.75 in (gain of .25 inches) and his head circumference. They were kind enough to also give his percentiles for his age range – and although he is only in the 6th percentile for weight and 10th for head circumference – he is in the 53rd percentile as far as length goes. So once again he’s our long skinny boy!!
We celebrated the good appointment by going for a walk in the park, which he slept through. He even missed out on the spider that decided to take a ride next to him (but mommy killed as soon as she saw it). Noah actually celebrated in his own way at home – at his next diaper change. I will spare you most of the messy details and just say this – I had been warned about little boys peeing – I had not been warned about the poo. I had no idea that it could projectile as far as it did – and not once, but twice – Ray and I were scrambling to get him covered and in the mean time Noah managed to make sure that we not only changed his diaper, but also the changing pad cover and washed the wall as well!! 🙂 Gotta love him – keeping me busy already!!