Who says babies just eat, sleep and poop?

I would like to meet that person and tell them that they lied!! Noah only had 2 of those 3 down today and I’m sure you can guess which one was missing. Every hour he would want to eat. Now normally I would say “Great!!! He’s going through a growth spurt!! Our boy is getting bigger!!” But seeing that I am his main source of food my reaction was less enthusiastic. Now don’t get me wrong I still think that its great that he’s growing, I really do. I also love that he is gaining weight and starting to fill out so that he no longer has those little skinny chicken legs (though he does still have the little skinny chicken legs, it’s his tummy that keeps getting bigger!! lol). It’s just that when he’s eating non stop, giving me just a half hour between feedings, I really and truly feel like a milk maid or cow. MOOO!! 🙂 Angry Noah 001
This is the face that would greet me shortly after he stopped eating!!